The History of Cascade Brewery: Australia's oldest brewery
The Cascade Brewery's history is one of Australia's great untold true stories. This website, and the the book associated with it, have been created by Tasmanian historian Greg Jefferys M.A.  to correct the many errors that are currently presented by Cascade Brewery on its Cascade Brewery Tour, a popular tourist destination in Hobart. This history is the result of many years of studying the two founders of Cascade Brewery, Major Hugh Macintosh and Peter Degraves. Greg Jefferys was awarded a Master's Degree in History from the University of Tasmania for his research on this subject.
The history of Cascade Brewery begins with the story of two very different men, Hugh Macintosh and his brother-in-law Peter Degraves.

Hugh Macintosh was a professional soldier, a war hero, a musician and painter who saved the life and reputation of the Duke of Wellington and had a profound effect of the cultural and economic history of Tasmania and Australia.

Peter Degraves was a highly intelligent, ambitious and ruthless businessman who would do and say whatever it took to achieve the wealth and social prestige he so desperately desired.

This website will give you a brief overview of the lives of the two fascinating men and how they ended up in Tasmania where they built two of Australia's oldest enduring institutions, the Cascade Brewery and Hobart's Theatre Royal.

I hope you enjoy the story..

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The painting below is Cascade Brewery circa 1880. In the background is Mount Wellington, named after the Duke of Wellington. Very few people know that the Duke of Wellington's life was saved by the founder of Cascade Brewery (Hugh Macintosh) in India during a fierce battle at the city Fortress of Seringpatam in 1799.