The Legend of the Stradbroke Island Galleon.
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The Stradbroke Island Galleon
The legend of the Ship in the Swamp
This three hundred plus page 'e' book is available on CD as an alternative, or companion to, the paper published book. The digital format enables the inclusion of many extra images, maps and reports. The CD contains over 250 written pages of  the most comprehensive work available on the subject of the Stradbroke Island Galleon. As well tracing the history of the galleon legend from the mid 19th century through to the present the 'e' book includes a collection of previously unpublished interviews with people who have seen the shipwreck in the swamp as well as the never before published written memoirs of people who found the wreck in the earlier part of the 20th century. Also included on the CD is a large collection of photographs taken by Dr. Cliff Rosendahl which includes fascinating images of the 18 Mile Swamp and images of artifacts that can be directly linked to the "galleon". Also a collection of very rare maps on which either the location of the galleon is shown or interesting historical information on Stradbroke is shown. Also included are a complete collection of previously unpublished expedition reports and detailed descriptions of all artifacts associated with the shipwreck. Because of printing costs these images will not be included in the print book. Also the CD is continually updated with the latest data as it comes to hand
cost of CD including postage is AUS$20 payment by cash, cheque, money order or Credit card

The "e" book version of The Galleon Story on CD.
Includes extra old maps, dozens of extra images plus extra interviews  and reports as well as a complete picture catalog of artifacts.
The Lost Galleon
A DVD Chronicle of the Search for the Stradbroke Stradbroke Island Galleon
In 1998 Dr. Cliff Rosendahl and Brad Horton joined with Greg Jefferys to search for the ship in the Swamp. Cliff Rosendahl filmed, edited and produced this 60 minute video documentary on the legend of the galleon and the search for its resting place in the vastness of the 18 Miles Swamp on Stradbroke Island. The DVD includes important interviews with "old timers" recalling their sightings of the wreck and fascinating footage of the conditions within the 18 Mile Swamp.
After watching this video you will understand why the "galleon" has not been found in modern times.
Cost AUS$25 (includes postage and handling)
A Fire Through the Swamp
In 2002 a huge fire swept through a large portion of the 18 Miles Swamp. Greg and Fernando Odriozola, made a trip into the swamp while the fire was still burning. Fernando spent over a year traveling through the remote islands of the Pacific to expand his knowledge of the Spanish presence there before arriving at Stradbroke Island to search for the galleon.
Risking life and limb the two explorers walked through the still burning swamp to record this rare event on video and produced a "live" one hour documentary of their expedition in Spanish and English.
In this documentary you will see the extraordinary event of  the 18 Mile Swamp on fire, how the swamp changes after a fire and why almost all sightings of the ship in the swamp have been after a fire.
Cost AUS$25 (includes postage and handling)

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The Stradbroke Island Galleon book   $30

"e" version of The Stradbroke Island Galleon
The legend of the ship in the swamp on CD$20

The Lost Galleon
Chronicles the search on .DVD (approx 1 hour) $25

Fire in the Swamp
The Spanish Connection on DVD (approx.1 hour)$25

Special Package No.1 $50

Special Package No. 2$40

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"The Stradbroke Island Galleon"
plus the two one hour documentaries on DVD and the
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The two one hour documentaries on DVD and the 'e' book
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The Stradbroke Island Galleon could be the book that  re-writes Australian and Pacific maritime history.
Was the Stradbroke "galleon" a Spanish treasure ship, a Manila Galleon loaded with silver and gold or was it a Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish exploration expedition that was wrecked on the Australian coast in the 16th or 17th Century?
Read the amazing but true story, told to the author by the part Aboriginal descendant of one of the survivors of the shipwreck in a dramatized historic account of the original shipwreck
Follow the author's quest for the truth about this controversial legend as he risks his life in the snake infested 18 Mile Swamp; as he tracks down the old timers who have seen the shipwreck; as he trawls the archives and libraries for obscure documentation while being ridiculed by the Queensland academic "establishment".
Where is the wreck? Why is the government trying to stop it being found?
Its a fast moving but completely true historical drama that attempts to solve one of Australia's great maritime mysteries.
cost: $30
including postage
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This comprehensive  book includes many photographs, old maps and the historic accounts by note worthy people who have seen the shipwreck.
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The Ship in the Swamp
as a PDF receive it by email only $10
Heroes and Villains: the amazing untold story of the founders of Cascade Brewery, Australia's oldest brewery. by Greg Jefferys
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Heroes and Villains is Greg Jefferys' latest book . It began as a study of the shipwreck of the Hope in 1827 but as he studied the story behind the wreck Jefferys discovered that there was an even more interesting story to be told about the two men who brought the Hope to Tasmania in 1824, Major Hugh Macintosh and his brother-in-law Peter Degraves. The book follows the lives of these two interesting men over 238 pages of fascinating history. These were two men who founded Australia's oldest brewery, the Cascade Brewery, and Australia's oldest theater, the Theater Royal, in Hobart Town.
Macintosh also planted Tasmania's first vineyard, supported Henry Savery while he wrote Australia's first novel and, whilst doing all this courted Mary Reiby (the face on the $20 note) Australia's first successful business woman.
The book is a well illustrated and extensively researched book that follows Macintosh, through the battlefields of India where he twice saved the future Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, before becoming a general in the Persian Army where he helped modernise the Persian Infantry and advised the Crown Prince on military matters.

In contrast to his brother-in-law Peter Degraves was a ruthless and ambitious businessman. A convicted thief, a bankrupt, cheat and a prolific liar; yet by the 1850's Degraves had become one of Australia's richest men.

The book also has a complete chapter on the Hope and another chapter on the lost Bruny Island Treasure legend.
Above is a short extract from the DVD